Name your goal

This exercise involves players selecting from a number of goals to score through.

Set out five goals along the back line of the pitch using cones, with one larger central goal, and two smaller goals either side – this is indicated by the blue, red and green dots in the diagram below.

One player then stands at the top of the D to receive and pass the ball. The other players then queue up a few metres in front of them.

The shooting player passes them the ball (dotted line 1) and runs to the left or right of them (dashed line 2a or 2b). The player at the top of the D then lays off the ball to the running player (dotted line 2a or 2b). The player receives the ball and calls out the colour of goal they are aiming for (ie blue, red or green) BEFORE they make the shot. They then attempt to take on touch and shoot into the goal they selected (dotted line 3).

Once they have shot they run to join the back of the queue and the next player has their go.

The activity can be made harder (and possibly a little spiteful!) by the player at the top of the D choosing the goal for the shooting player to score in.

Remember to swap over the player at the top of the D frequently so they also have a chance to practice shooting.

This activity improves accuracy of shooting and also encourages players to look and think before shooting.

Shooting training 1