Our training tips will eventually cover all aspects of playing hockey. Please use the ‘sub menus’ to view our training ideas by the skill being taught.

Before training it’s important to warm up, both to get your physically ready for the training and to get your ‘eye in’ so you are mentally ready.

A short jog (a lap or two of the pitch) at a slow pace is usually enough to get most people’s blood pumping. Following this up with some gentle stretching exercises. These can either be ‘standing still’ stretching or ‘dynamic’ stretching which is done while moving.

Once players are physically warm, give them some simply passing exercises. Put them in pairs and get them to face each other about 1m apart and pass the ball to each other. Gradually move the pairs further apart so that they are eventually having to hit the ball to each other.

To do some dribbling warm up, get all your players into one of the Ds on the pitch (or a larger/smaller area depending on how many players you have) and give each one a ball. Their job is to move around the pitch, keeping their ball, but trying to hit other players’ balls out of the area. Once their ball has been hit out of the area the player is ‘out’ and has to do stretches on the side of the area. The last player in the area (ie the last one to keep their ball) is the ‘winner’.