Quickfire passing

This is a good pre-match warm up for players as it includes intensive work but for a short duration, and requires accurate passing and communication.

Get your players into groups of three and set out four cones (the red dots below) in a rectangle. Two player stand on cones along one long side of the rectangle, the third players starts at one of the other cones.

The third player then receives a ball from the player opposite them (the ball staying outside the coned area) and returns it. They then run onto the other empty cone and receive/return the ball from the player opposite. They then run back to the original cone and receive/return, and so on. Each player should do 5 shuttle runs (ie 10 passes) and then swap with one of the static players.

Encourage the moving player to call for the ball so that they receive it when they want it, ie when they are in a position to receive. The static players should focus on fast and accurate passing as soon as the ball is called for.

In the diagram below the dotted line shows the movement of the ball back and forth, the dashed line shows the movement of the moving player.

Passing training