Top tips

Some ‘random’ tips on many different aspects of hockey:


Players behind you can, quite literally, be pivotal in your passing play. Don’t forget they’re there and, if you run into opposition players, consider a pass back to them so they can then feed the ball to players across the pitch.


If you’re up front of the ball, don’t ‘hide’ behind opposition players. Run in front of them or into space to make yourself available to receive the ball.


Try putting your ‘best foot forward’ when defending – don’t have your feet in line, but have you left foot forward when you go into defend against a player. This will drive the player down your right hand side, your stronger side, and give you a better opportunity to tackle.

When you’re not on the ball, keep your stick near the ground rather than up in mid air. That way you’re ready for if the ball does come towards you.


Sweaty shins?! Wear a pair of socks on the INSIDE of your shinpads, as well as ones on the outside.

Gunky gumshield/mouthguard? Give it a good brush with your toothbrush and toothpaste after every wear.